Japan-Kizuna & Related News

Upon hearing about the disasters which recently hit Japan, Erica Kitamura, immediately put her skills and effort to work by creating JAPAN-KIZUNA. Products on this website depict designs which honor of Kitamura’s home country and all proceeds are donated towards Japan Red-Cross in order to aid Japan in it’s time of need. As a citizen of the world, please browse through the web shop or raise awareness. Any purchases will be greatly appreciated.

Also, all the designs were either created by Erica Kitamura herself or donated by illustrators or graphic designers. My designs are also included! This is an on going project so if you are also a designer or illustrator that has made an image that would eloquently raise awareness about the earthquakes and tsunami disaster  or is Japan-related please consider applying it to Japan-Kizuna.

Here are a few designs from the shop:

CNN Article on the 5K Run & Walk for Japanese Earthquake Disaster

On the 25th of March, I participated in a 5K Run & Walk for the Japanese Earthquake Disaster located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Origami crane bracelets were given as token of appreciation to money donators which was a super cute idea! And it was wonderful to see so many people get together for a good cause.  There were 200 participants and over $3,600 were raised! Amazing job everyone!

More personal to me, my father was in Japan on a job trip at the time the tsunami hit. Thankfully, he was working on a ship when it happen and barely felt (He thought it was just a wave)  and so he is safe. But his trip was cut short since workers for the U.S. government were made to evacuate due to the radiation spread from the nuclear reactors. He is home safe and sound now. However, I still have family there and of course people who actually live in Japan are still at risk of getting radiation or have directly been effected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

Pray for Japan.


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