Footage from ‘Never Been Home’

As of December 20th, my brothers Jon and Jared, my sister Anna, and myself have been in Manila, Philippines. Sadly, our eldest brother, Mark, could not come with us since he has a family to tend to. But we miss them very much!

Well, it is our first time here ever and my brother, Jared, decided to take further advantage of this opportunity by creating a documentary about it.  ‘Never Been Home’ is the given title and you can find out more information about it from the man himself HERE. He gives a description and visual candy about the project in the works and gives periodic updates for those who donated and gave their support from the beginning.

Jared Sosa is currently working in Los Angeles as a video-editor and graphic designer. He graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA from the Film and Photography department. He was a recipient of a VMFA Fellowship and have shown at the CMJ film festival and other regional festivals on the east coast. His website is

So this post was made in order to show you this video of footage clips he had shortly before our trip to the Philippines. There is a recording of out Uncle Danny sometime in the 1950s as well a recording of our Auntie Aida, our grandfather’s sister, singing “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Soon I will post some pictures and reflections on our time here in our homeland. But for now we just want to enjoy our time here and I hope this will suffice. Enjoy some of our memories!


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